About Me

About Me

My name is Scott Chow, and I composed the most straightforward manual for beginning a blog, with the goal that you can begin your blog today!

I was fortunate enough to begin dealing with sites in the mid 2000s. This was the point at which the web was simply beginning to develop. This allowed me the chance to be a piece of an energizing period when things were changing truly quick on the web.

Furthermore, guess what? It hasn’t eased back down from that point forward. Innovation continues changing at a fast pace.

I have seen things come and go, however something that is stayed without changing an excessive amount of is blogging. Individuals love to share their musings and thoughts, and others love to understand them.

What is the Avasemerau?

The Avasemerau is where I can share the information from my encounters beginning web journals and sites. Notwithstanding my own web journals, a few of my companions and individuals from my family have requested that I help them arrangement their own online journals. This occurred so regularly that one of my companions tongue in cheek started alluding to me as “The Avasemerau”.

I understood that there must be a ton of others out there who need to begin their own web journals, however simply don’t have the foggiest idea where to start. Since I can’t help everybody by and by, I concluded that I would make a blog that would tell individuals precisely the best way to do it, regardless of whether they had definitely no related knowledge.

When considering what to call the site, I concluded that my epithet would work extraordinary. Thus, that is the manner by which TheBlogStarter.com became!

Recent comments from The Avasemerau users…

I simply needed to state thank you for your splendid exhortation, backing and simple to follow bit by bit manage. I never thought in a million years somebody like me, with no tech capacities would have the option to fire up their own blog! I have a tremendous add up to find out about blogging yet it’s such extraordinary enjoyment it will be a joy.

By and by bless your heart. I totally couldn’t have this far without you.


I at last chose to begin a blog, however had no genuine thought how to go about it. I did an inquiry and went over The Avasemerau, read the basic advances – and inside 45 minutes, I had a blog up and working… ..and I am content with it. Would strongly prescribe this site! Additionally pursued the bulletin.

Much obliged to you Scott!

Mary Lou

Much thanks to you soooo much! I’m eager to begin and I’m doubly energized I discovered your post without going through 100 pages and various destinations.

Much appreciated once more!