The congregation is God’s people group; this is an otherworldly network of confidence with order to speak to the enthusiasm of God on earth. Through this otherworldly network, God needs to connect with the mainstream network. We are to proselytize the network towards God. This is our first task to lecture apology. And afterward exhibit the diakonos and biblical command. Acts6:1-8.We are to clergyman to the entire man, we have to give life instructing. The main foundation which has answers for kicking the bucket world is the congregation. We are God’ stewards.

Stewardship is required in our networks. Who is a steward? A steward is anybody accused of a duty to take great consideration of that which isn’t their consequently obligated to give a full record of their stewardship ” It is necessitated that a steward be found faithful”1 corinthians4vs2. Each steward is responsible to the person who named him or to his lord, right now country and its regular or budgetary assets are God’s property and individuals are God’s creation. We are accused of obligation and obligation whether as lawmakers, ministers, network pioneers or conventional initiative to Manage, Develop and Preserve what God has made.

Two words will over and over turn out at whatever point you discover the word stewardship in any unique situation,” Responsibility” and “responsibility” We are to safeguard the country from spiritual,morally,economical and social defilement and tainting using any and all means. We are to oversee, create and protect the national, social conservative, profound and open undertakings and appropriately deal with the national assets, national speculations, and national treasury. We have an obligation and duty to improve the social, prudent and moral models of our networks as chapel pioneers. it’s awful that the congregation abstained from anything which includes network.

Indecent individuals degenerate society, Corruption is really sin and gross insidiousness which postpones the social, political, practical and otherworldly advancement of a nation. At the point when a country reprimands the authority of God and authentic rule of administration a seed of rot and disintegration of ethical quality, equity, harmony, trustworthiness and the dread of God happens. This will lead a country into a genuine social and good breakdown outside human ability to grasp.


Network authority is appointed by God and not by man, as per the book of Romans13:1 both the legislature and its residents has obligation towards one another and furthermore towards God as the maker and proprietor of everything. Each one needs to treat national obligation and national authority as holy God is concerned how we rule and how we oversee his kin, however in the public arena today we may have various types of frameworks yet the last record will be given to God. The standard of God through Godly authority by prophets or minister or church is known as a religious government.

In any sense man should be represented particularly when man rejects God Why?, If man isn’t administered by anything we are going to confront chaos.1Timothy1vs8-9 Democracy itself is certainly not a scriptural framework or request yet the word government has over and again showed up in the sacred writings Romans13:2. While vote based system is crafted by man through way of thinking and legislative issues, government and authority ids appointed by God. Legend government official Margret Thatcher once conceded in an open discourse that “We can’t make it without religion” What she implied was we can’t make it without God; An atheist society is a malicious society.

In most case in the Bible the lords of a country through their authority made the country to sin, this is genuine even now Bad initiative,


We are charged and commanded by God as Christians to protect the country from moral disaster as we see individuals leaving each day based on what is all in all correct to seek after their prurient feelings, evil aspirations and corrupt individual plans and self satisfaction which for sure is simply the religion love and Gnosticism. Individuals will consistently look for changed manner by which they can discover importance to their lives, satisfy their own lives and be glad as person however all we land at is more disarray and human confusion. Regularly this is done in seven classes

We have an obligation as a congregation to do the accompanying thing in our countries.

1. Give profound direction.

2. Provide prophetic guidance, a country without a prophetic voice and a prophetic heading is damned.

3. Protect, create and deal with our countries for God. The principal duty God gave man was to deal with the earth and to run well over all that he made on earth. We have to realize that nature conservation is God’s will for man. We have to deal with our common assets, our wellbeing, our employments, our condition and so forth.

4. Be excellent to the roundabout universe of corrupt individuals and political pioneers.

5. Be a believed establishment where both society and our legislature will hurry to for profound course and arrangements.

6. To educate our country for Christ following the incredible commission in the book of (Mathew 28vs19).

7. To ask and mediate for our countries as indicated by the book of (1Timothy2vs2-4). We have to have exceptional and explicit petitions God for our national heads and appeal to God for them as opposed to reviling them in the event that we are to live serene lives.

8. Be a socially and profoundly applicable corporate assemblage of Christians.

9. Keep our national otherworldly doors through radical and forceful profound fighting and mediation.

Giving Godly national authority doesn’t just mean turning out to be g a President of a nation however it implies is you can give authentic administration in whichever condition God has put you in.It can be in a common society, NGO, Church association, CBO, UN office or an administration division. God requests that we get foods grown from the ground results which ever place he has place d us in.

You can be a government employee for instance a police officer or an educator or a Member of Parliament or even a bureau serve. You should demonstrate competency and trustworthiness as a Christian that is the initial step into giving Godly and otherworldly authority. You nearness as a Christian should direction regard in every one of these organizations. Network administration doesn’t begin from the top however in record or in principle it does yet practically speaking it begins from the grass root the individuals who work legitimately with issues and individuals at ground level. As Christians we should regard our occupations or work as holy and a stewardship which we have gotten from and not only a methods for gaining a living. As a Christian your work in everything isn’t futile, its it is possible that it will bring great natural product or terrible organic product so be cautious how you work.

In the event that your work is acceptable it will add to network advancement, safeguarding of or society and condition and appropriate administration of God’s creation.


It’s motivating to see holy places in the west and other created nations develop to manage issues identifying with cultural and network issues. Africa is as yet battling to discover means and ability to react to the social ills in the public arena. Scripturally based assistance and Christ focused projects planned for helping the network must be structured from a religious, otherworldly and scriptural perspective. For instance, HIV/AIDS, Alcohol and medication recuperation programs must be a piece of the congregation’s statement of purpose. These projects structure some portion of what service is. Service is getting significant to individuals out of luck and harassed.

Otherworldly direction is important to help shape society and give strong profound and good establishment. Where is the congregation in the midst of all these social ills and real factors of the day? The congregation must rethink it’s job in molding the predetermination of society; in any case descendants will pass judgment on the congregation brutally

The congregation as an organization of God on earth has an unmistakable command and obligation to discover perpetual and genuine answers for human pickles. Furnished with the expression of God and God’s blessing, the congregation is able to manage substance misuse adequately, the main issue confronted is pretty much nothing or absence of accentuation. The congregation’s preparation organizations disregarded this piece of otherworldly and social preparing or expertise.

The congregation is deliberately situated on earth to manage profound and social ills. Thusly, it’s not inside the wellbeing of the congregation to censure and disregard from the issues influencing the more extensive society. The congregation can’t censure substance misuse, if meanwhile it’s doing nothing to forestall or address the issue. To show that the organization of the congregation isn’t custom fitted towards tending to this issue, we have no frameworks and projects intended to handle the issue.

We have insufficient individuals to manage the issue. All fall into the supposed peaceful obligations. As I would see it, the congregation must have profound experts who are talented with both otherworldly and social abilities to manage the issue. Those influenced by substance misuse should consider the to be as a position of security and help and not a spot where the disgrace is overflowing and at its pinnacle.

On the off chance that the congregation is to be sure a progressive sort of foundation, called to incite a social transformation by advancing equity, lifting up the holiness of human life, battling for the dark horses and testing the overall worth framework in our reality, at that point it appears we ought to be out in front on social issues which influence humankind